Friday, February 4, 2011

Searching in H&M

Living in a small town, the closest H&M isn't really all that close. But I always spend a lot of money whenever i do go, so I guess it's a good thing it's not all that close because i would then be broke. The last few times I have gone I have looked high and low for this dress, advertised on their website and in their magazine and I simply could not find it. I figure this is because the H&M I go to is on the small side, I'm sure if I went to the big 3 storey one in Toronto i could find it. I may just have to do that because i need this dress. I have not been this obsessed with a piece I have been looking to purchase in a long time. There were a pair of studded biker boots that were supposed to be in the Joe Fresh fall/winter collection but they never hit shelves for reasons i do not know, i was disappointed about that. i was also disappointed when my mother would not allow me to get this vintage mini dress I found in a vintage store, (obviously) called "Sympathy for the Rebel." The dress was white with a deep red/mustard yellow almost tie-die lace overlay for the skirt, with a matching, (and attached) lacy micro vest. I know that sounds really busy, and probably a little ugly, but i assure you it was totally cute. The zipper was broken, but it was only $10 I still to this day wish i would have just gotten it. But I guess that's more a regret than an obsession. But i also got a really trippy floral "skort" that day, and discovered my favorite place to eat ever! (A vegan restaurant called "The Planet" yum! But uunfortunately it is at least an hour away from my house, and 40 minuets away from my cottage in the summer.) Whoa, how did I get so off topic? Anyway, to conclude I need that dress from H&M, it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love maxi-dresses right now, (unfortunately for my boyfriend) especially because they are easy to wear and always look very fashion forward. PS, the print on the dress is actually just the word "love" repeated over, and over. How cute is that?

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