Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy For The Beatles

 Every thing I seemed to get this Christmas was Beatles related. I have no problem with this of course, because I love the Beatles with a passion. I got an awesome reproduction of an old record player from my mom, and I listened to my abbey road LP on it. I got books, music, key chains, mugs, clothes, magnets, a lunch box; you name it someone gave it to me. But I of course am fine with that. The Beatles are truly legendary, I love them, my father even claims abbey road is the all time best album ever made. I'm not so sure, but I am officially obsessed! Their just so epic, their music is classic, their songs are so clever, their sound is great and it's all without all the modern technologies of today tweaking their music.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I know it's now officialy November 27th, but I am going to pretend it's still night of the 26th so i may talk about my night. Tonight one of my best friends and I went to see wicked, and it was absolutly amazing. It is now hands down, my favorite musical ever. The music was great, the story line and the charactures were great, the preformance was great, the production was great; the sets, the costumes, it was all... great. I even bought a wicked t-shirt, which in my oppinion is quite stylish (I'll post a picture as soon as i actuly wear it.) If you get the chance I would get tickets and go see it. Personally, if i got the chance i would go again in a heart beat. I was a great show, very well done.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pigs in fashion

Ok, so my first post. I'm kind of nervous. I thought i should talk about pigs in fashion, because by now you are probably thinking 3 things; #1 I have a thing for pigs. #2 This blog will probably have something to do with fashion. #3 You probably think i'm crazy. True, all of them. Just look at the picture if you want proof. I am known for that hat, although it was a recent purchase, i love it i think it's epic. It was made by the headwear and accessories line Delux