Saturday, February 5, 2011

100% Organic Cotton = 100% Cute

I just recently bought this 100% organic cotton dress from my favorite store, H&M. Cute, hm? The print is actually hearts, one of my favorite patterns at the moment because it's fun, flirty, kinda quirky, and unexpected. I am also in love, and since i like to express my feelings through my clothes this is a great way. The only thing is the dress has a corset, bustier style top, which is hard for me because I have a tiny waste for a "D" cup. So in dresses like these, the waist is usually to big and the cups are too small. But I chose a dress a size larger than my size, and it fit! I was so exited because I love that dress. I haven't worn it yet, but i was thinking about saving it for valentines day. The only thing about that is my boyfriend has planned something for that day, and he will not tell me what it is. (But he told my best friend and she says "oh my god, Olivia! Your going to love it!") But knowing Jonathan, a strapless dress may not be practical. So we will see, I don't know if i can even wait that long to wear it. Yes, I am a little too proud of my purchase. But honestly, can you blame me? Check it Out for Yourself!

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