Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Pt.1

Okay, so yesterday was my birthday... holy shit, I'm 16! Anywho, I finally got to go to Urban Outfitters and it was amazing. I got this retro looking skirt for $10, (it was originally $60) this over sized floral dress for $20 (originally $80) and I bought a pair of surprisingly really cute overalls, I'll post a pick once I wear them. I also got a bunch of super cute clothes from H&M, I got the tickets to see one of my all time favorite bands, the Arctic Monkeys, in case you don't know them they're British indie-rock stars, their music is really unique and very clever. And I happen to love their front man, Alex Turner. His voice is like orgasmic, and he's pretty hot too. Oh and I am freaking out over this, my dad, who I have recently started spending time with, got me a drum skin signed by all the members of The Killers! Also one of my all time favorite bands, and if you do not know them, you must be living under a rock. I also happen to be in love with their lead singer as well, Brandon Flowers... he signed it... that means he touched it... oh my god... lol. Okay, well in all seriousness I'm really nervous to be 16, I guess I should start studying for my G1 now, that's scary. I'm actually going to have a party this year, so I'll do that sometime in may then. I'll blog about it once it happens.

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